NanoFoamer Tips for Latte Art??? Help please!


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Dec 27, 2022
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I have a NanoFoamer Lithium. I'm looking for tips to get the best latte art foam for Latte Art. I've watched videos and practiced a lot with soap/water and whole milk but I get VERY inconsistent results. I have a X-Chef 20 oz pitcher and a 12 oz Rattleware.

Which screen?
How long to arerate?
Total time?
Any other tips?
Suggestions for different pitcher?

Thank you! Doug

P.S. Vidoes way appreciated if you can?
I can’t give an exact total time because every steamer is going to be different. Start with cold milk and a cold pitcher, angle the pitcher towards you a bit with the steamer in the spout of the pitcher so you can see what you’re doing, you should see the milk making a bit of a whirlpool if you have the right angle. Lower the pitcher JUST enough to hear the air hissing, if the tip of the steam wand is out too much your air pockets are going to be too big and not smooth enough for latte art. I use my non-dominant hand to tell the temperature of the milk. When it gets warm to the touch I emerge the wand completely, still looking for that whirlpool swirl and when it stings to the touch I know the milk is done. Practice practice practice! Good luck! :)

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