Lavazza Espresso Point trouble...... NEED HELP PLEASE!!


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Mar 9, 2007
I just purchased the lavazza espresso point as a gift for my fathers 60th birthday tomorrow. It arrived today and I followed the instructions for cleaning before use. it came with a \"cleaning\" pod already inserted. in order to start the cleaning process you have to extract this pod with another, then press the manual botton for the water to come out. when the cup is full you press the stop button and insert the next cleaning pod and repeat. THe problem is..... the machine will not let me insert a new pod. a bar comes down in the open slot and prevnts a pod from fitting. the only way to get rid of the bar is by using the steam wand. Once you do this the bar rises and a pod can be inserted.....WHY??? I have to do this after making every cup of espresso....or the machine will not let me inset a new pod to make the next cup.

Please, if anyone knows why or how to fix it, i would greatly appreciate the help. I


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Jan 26, 2005
I've used these machines and they don't do what you're describing, so it's abnormal. If you bought the machine from a coffee machine vendor try contacting them for advice and a repair if needed. If you didn't buy from a vendor, try contracting Aroma Cafe Culture at They sell and service these machines.