Leaking: Francis Francis Iperespresso capsules Illy x1 Anniversary


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Oct 30, 2019
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unfortunately since last 2 days my machine has started to leak.

I have tried to see if there was something wrong with the head group but cant see anything and i have found out that there was not any rubber gasked installed on the head group.

Does anyone have this machineand can tell me to how to repair please? At least to know if do i need to buy a rubber gasked? i dont know about it because i did buy it used from someone and did work for few days then started to leak and for me its really strange there is no rubber gasked because i saw other francis franci illy machine have it. This machine has a copper head group.

I have attached the picture of the machine and the serial number which is X1 MIE ZLM710106

Many thanks