Looking for 7 -10 Kg roaster on US west coast or Canada


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I live on an island off the east coast of Vancouver Island and am looking to see if I might be able to find a well loved and cared for used roaster. I was thinking I would buy new, but wanted to at least try to see what might be available "used". Because I live rather remotely, I am considering a new roaster due to the difficulty getting repairs, parts,etc. but if I can find a relatively new one that has been very well maintained, I will consider used.
I need a 7-10k, AMBEX, Diedrich, or USRC. I know of a PRIMO 10kthat is 10yrs old and they are asking $8000, but am less familiar with that company. Any insight on this company, this roaster, price?

Also, if someone could give me some info re: the important things to ask and consider when buying used. I have been using a Sivetz roaster, so am not familiar with all the drum roaster questions.

Thanks in advance~
Cortes Island, BC


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Dec 16, 2008
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Hello Becca,

I completely understand your thoughts. I think whether you are in a remote place or not, it is always important to be able to have a roasting company that could provide you with parts and service wherever you are located.

Before I bought my roaster I too researched all the companies you menitioned. I heard of stories where some of these companies sold their machines but were not willing to provide any assistance after the sale, especially to Canadian customers.

Nevertheless, I bought a Toper from the distributor located in Canada. After countless emails of questions - and I mean countless, I got all the answers I needed. They were always very helpful. They also stock Toper parts and are able to answer the questions I had for setup and maintenance of the roaster very easily.

Unfortunately, they only sell new roasters. I am assuming you want to buy used to save money.

Good luck! Remember, this is just my opinion. An as the saying goes: opinions are like a***oles. Everyone has one :) LOL!!