Looking for a good (and good looking) coffee maker


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May 9, 2007
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Hi everyone,

Well my Braun coffee maker just broke and so I need to buy a new coffee maker. I need some opinions on a new one. I am not a coffee connoisseur by any means, so I am not incredibly picky on the actual brewed coffee, but of course I want a maker that produces a good cup. That is a given (a coffee maker must make good coffee, right?) So, here is my secondary criteria:

- Absolutely does not drip (my previous maker always dripped when pouring, I can''t stand that) - this is probably most important after brewing good coffee.
- Good looks. I know this might seem stupid to some, but I really appreciate a nicely designed product to match my other kitchen appliaces. This is #2 in importance after good coffee and no drips.
- I would like a thermal carafe, although this is not completely necessary. In fact, it is almost a 50-50 thing, because on the one hand I''d like a thermal carafe, but then it is slightly less convenient than glass carafes (not dishwasher safe, and you have to warm it before use).

I have been looking at the Capresso ST600 and I like the looks of it a lot but my only question is the matter of drippage. I''ve read a number of reviews and people say it condenses and drips down the back. Does anyone have experience with the ST600 or other Capresso products? Are they worth the money?

Other than the Capresso I have not looked around too much. Any other ideas?