Looking for a good roaster in Ontario


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Jul 17, 2006
Ontario, Canada
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I've had a Solis Crema SL70 espresso machine for a few months now. When I first got it, I ordered some espresso beans off the internet from moonbeancoffee.com. I tried their "espresso" coffee bean. But I was pretty dissappointed with it... It was a very dark roast, and it tasted very bitter and burnt. Not like the espresso I had in mind!

So what I'm looking for is a local roaster (I live in Brantford, Ontario, Canada) or a roaster that is somewhere in Ontario, that has great espresso beans, and also the specific bean that you'd reccommend from there. Any suggestions would be awesome! Thanks!

PS. This isn't related to the above question at all, but I'm looking for a czeve/Ibrik, as my sister recently brought me back some coffee from Turkey and I would like to try it.