Looking for coffee shops in New York area -- pilot project


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Feb 25, 2021
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Hello coffee lovers!

I am new to this forum so hopefully I am posting in the right section.

I am looking for coffee shop owners or managers in the New York area to take part in a pilot project.

The project is about innovative payments and customer loyalty solution for coffee shops based on QR codes. The solution has been developed by a company named SWiP and is targeted for a pilot in the New York area.

SWiP is an Intel Partner, winner of Visa Everywhere Initiative and Microsoft's Startup program member.

The US launch is with CyberSource, a Visa company.

The pilot project participation is free for merchants for a discussed period of time (several months depending on the merchant). After that the solution costs USD 70 monthly which is 50% discount from a standard fee of USD 140 for pilot participants.

If you know anyone who can be interested, please feel free to contact me via forum messages (I do not know if posting emails is allowed on the forum) or post in the comments.

I will provide all credentials and recommendations with solution demonstration live on Zoom directly from the company's engineers. The launch team is planning to arrive and activate prticipating merchants around May 2021.