Looking for combo coffee/espressor machine


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Dec 19, 2020
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I've spent a couple of hours now searching and have decided that most manufacturers are not clear on what their machine does (or I'm not using the right terminology!). I hope the experts here can help.

I have a Jura E9that has finally died after 15 y3ears of service. I am not looking to spend that kind of money again but hope I can find something that will work.The E9 made single cup cofee that has a relally nice crema on it -- is that what is considered a "long" coffee?

If so, what I am hooping to find in the $500-700 price range:

Combination "coffee" (long) and expresso with internal burr grinder. I do not want a carafe-style coffee. No pods.
Several models say they make coffee but when you post a questions or drill down, you find it is only 2-3 oz.

Any help here? Thanks!


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Aug 15, 2005
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Thing with terminology is people seem to come up with all sorts of names and often it has no real standard use/acceptance. What i would call a 'long black' would be grinding a bit coarser and running quite a bit of water through the puck. Some people totally prefer that to anything else and whatever works for them so be it. IF I did want something diluted I'd simply do an Americano, as in extracting a ristretto double and adding hot water to taste. Of course some go on and on about how that should be done 'properly' as some extract the espresso into the water and some pour water over the espresso. Funny thing with coffee is somebody has to try reinventing the wheel and it gets old. Look at all the milk based concoctions these days when in years past there were just a handful. Instead of simply calling something a 'short' now it has a totally new name/prep method.

To sum it up, there are decent espresso machines with built-in grinders that will do what you want and likely quite a bit better than what you did have as super-autos aren't know for great espresso due to the design/function. Some want a separate grinder for various reasons, but if you want an all-in-one unit that won't break the bank go for it. I won't personally suggest what I haven't used, but many Breville owners tend to like what they get out of those types of machines.