Looking for documentation software


New member
Apr 9, 2021
Currently, I'm using Excel, Word, and SharePoint as my documentation tools. I was wondering if anyone had stumbled across a piece of software that was actually made for documentation of servers, applications, networks, ect.

Web based is probably the way to go for this, and the ability to tie into AD would be great.
I am looking for all this to automate processes within my company.I physically can't keep records of everything manually and I need a really good assistant in this regard or some easy online tool.


New member
Jul 12, 2021
Hello there! I have used a lot of document software because of my work. ClickHelp is good as well. Working on excel and word wasn't too easy for me. Switching on ClickHelp will change your work with documents. I mean, it's easier than Microsoft software. If you still need software for saving docs, check this site. The bonus I got for the first time using it was 30 free days as a trial. I didn't see something suspicious working with it. My documents always have been at their place. I think it's because of their super security.