Looking to buy a coffee/espresso machine... First time buyer


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Jul 28, 2008
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So I am HORRIBLE at getting up in the morning... I''ve found that coffee in the morning is an excellent way to get my ass moving when I need to and I have been 20 times more productive.

Now, I''m a college student and I spent all summer at home. I had the luxury of having my good ol grandma bring me a nice cup of coffee mixed with french vanilla and set it right next to my bed 5 minutes before my alarm went off. The awesome smell of the coffee is what got me out of bed after all these years.

So I want to get a coffee/espresso maker that has a timer on it that I can set to start making coffee at whatever time I choose.

I only want to spend about $50 to $75 and I am by no means a coffee connoisseur. I''d just like the best tasting for the price.

So my question is... What exactly is an espresso maker? What is the difference between espresso and just plain coffee maker? Cappuccino in the morning would be MMmmm Mmmmm good.. can I get a maker that will make one of those?

And yeah, please recommend me some good products for $50 to $75 :)

Yeah I agree on a grinder and a French Press. I'd recommend you getting a Capresso Infinity Model 560 ($90) and a decent sized Bodum French Press (maybe $30-40) and that should work well if you have fresh beans. I know it's a little more than you want to spend, but should serve you well. And the grinder will work pretty good should you decide to spend more and get a decent pump espresso machine down the road. Just don't go out and buy a steam machine that most stores carry. Later!

BTW, a few years ago I stumbled onto a really nice used combo machine (pump espresso and drip) for only $65 and it was located within 30 miles. It's the Capresso BAR351 and was a great learning machine for a first time user. I still use the drip side to brew tea daily and it still makes decent spro.
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rvcasrfr said:
I only want to spend about $50 to $75 and I am by no means a coffee connoisseur.

For that money, look for a Mr. coffee steam espresso ($29) and a blade grinder ($20)
You kidding? That "machine" and "chopper" will only lead to heartache and a total waste of beans. In the past I thought I was king of the hill with the latest DeLonghi steam machine with included grinder........ until I bought my first pump machine and a conical burr grinder. I can't believe I drank that crap for 8 years, but it was all I knew.

For the money this person has they can get a decent conical burr grinder and a french press and be totally happy for years. The press method is the most preferred extraction method according to what I've read over the years. Later!