Looking to network with other coffee website owners...


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Jun 11, 2008
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Need reciprocal links from coffee sites

I am working for the site http://www.refreshmentsystemsonline.co.uk providing quality beverage solutions to home, offices and coffee bars. Online supplier for leading branded products including Fair trade, Kenco, Nescafe and Tetley.

I am looking for reciprocal links for this site from other coffee sites. Can anyone suggest good sites??


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Oct 4, 2007
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Does a links page have to use html code, like this:

Coffee Forums -
Coffee Discussion about Espresso, Coffee Beans, Coffee....

My links page is all image and text links to other websites. I don't ask for html codes,
just if I can add their "link" to my website.

I simply link an image or text to another website like:
http://www.coffeeforums.com and enter Coffee Forums as the text.
It shows up as a link. Simple. Those who visit my site click on a link there and end up on
the corresponding website, that's the point right?

Why develop a "links program" using html code? Am I missing something?

.... me always doing things wrong way. :D