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Dec 30, 2012
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Hey folks,

I've viewed many websites and have some constructive feedback for you. Better pictures are needed. That being said, there are resources available to you that are free of copyright or author attribution only:

Wikimedia - Has limited selection of coffee related images but they are high quality and often require only author attribution
Flickr Commons - Flickr has both copyrighted and Creative Commons (varying degrees of licensing/linked) photos available. You can also do a search from the main Flickr website. Just do a search and switch the license type to Creative Commons.
Pixabay - A community of photographers that shares their images, copyright and attribution free, with everyone.

A few other pieces of info for you:
  1. Don't use defect laden coffee images. Charred beans, roasted beans in a pile with chips, different colors, etc. Green coffee that has mold and is not uniform in color is a problem. Finally, dirty equipment and space.
  2. Again, don't google gank photos. I never buy a product or re-visit a website that has obviously done that.
  3. High-resolution images are great, but a 4MB one is silly. You can use various tools to compress hi-rez photos for use on the web. They'll still look great but be much faster to load. Load speeds are everything these days.
  4. Use images that relate to what you are doing. Selling green coffee? Green coffee, farmers, estates, some roasting photos.
  5. Do not use photos with your thumb in the way of the lens, poor color, and please do not put hard to read text on top of them. There are a ton of tools out there to upload photos and add text overlays for proper display.
  6. Product images should be uniform in size and shape.
  7. Lucky number seven (at least in my country). You might think your photos and images are great. It's what others think of them that matters though. Get the opinion of others before using them.

I'm a stickler for citations and attributions (notice a theme here for that?), so if the photographer asks for you to provide a link back to them and the license, do it. If not, you can get sued and it's just poor form anyways. So many items in coffee are plagiarized, not cited, and "lifted" from authors (including books and blogs). Don't be that person. Ask for authors permission if you're not sure. Most often they'll say, "Go for it!" and you're clear.
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Mar 5, 2017
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Love the 7 tips. Another place for some coffee photos is After you go there checkout the tab at the bottom left called BARN IMAGES. They have some unique coffee photos.


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Jan 24, 2018
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I've been using canva,there are free but if you really want to get at least a decent images you can buy it.I've been using canva,there are free but if you really want to get at least a decent images you can buy it.