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Apr 3, 2008
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Sorry for my english...

So... I bought an espresso machine less (leeessss) expensive, here, in Brazil.

Something about US 20.00.

It''s an horrible machine, but make coffee (and the coffee is something good).

But... the machine just don''t make any foam.

So... is it possible an espresso machine make a bad coffee (how?) or it''s all about how I must do all the process?

Can I do something for that miserable machine make some foam? Something that a good machine make automaticaly and I must do manually?

This machine have 3 bars of pression.

A more expensive machine have 9 bars of pression.

So... sorry for nonsense of my question, but... I think my espresso heat water, make pression, etc. Mechanical pieces are horrible, vapor valve too, etc, but still being an espresso machine.

By the way, I bouth an excellent coffee bean (very, very), I have my own mill (so I use very fine coffee).



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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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Dude, sounds like you bought yourself a steam "espresso" machine. Those things fly off the shelves when people think they can get "cafe quality" brew at home that cheap. They have many flaws though. One is the lack of brew pressure, usually being 1-3 bars of pressure. Another issue is that they must reach boiling temperature in order to force the water through the grounds. That's really bad for any coffee. There's also the issue with not being able to control the water/steam during extraction. It must use all the water in the boiler each time and there's really no way to slow it down. All I can say is if that's all you can afford then by all means work with it and try to obtain something drinkable. If you can get your money back then run back there and do so. Later!