Making a Pour Over Coffee Machine


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May 25, 2017
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I am an avid coffee drinker and my preferred preparation method is the pour over. I have produced a decent cup of coffee with my Chemex at home but I don’t really feel like I have completely mastered the technique. Most of the time I elect to have a barista prepare me one instead.
I think it would be nice to have a machine that could prepare a perfect pour over at home.
I know there are some automatic brewers that exist but the machine that most closely matches what I am looking for is outside of my price range. Like most machines I have researched, it doesn’t include a grinding capability.
I would love to own a machine that would fully automate the process and provide a quality cup of coffee. I think it would be nice if the machine would also allow me to modify the grind settings.
I have been working with a couple of engineers who are interested in addressing everyday problems. I proposed a machine of this kind. They are excited to help me address this problem and have offered to make a single machine for me to use but we would also like to share our idea with others if they are interested.
Would this be something you would like to have or are you satisfied with the options that are already available?
Do you have any suggestions of what would make your home brewing experience better?