Making coffee with a Moka Pot?!?!


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Jan 25, 2005
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Hi all,

I just ordered the large 22 ounce Moka pot from Sweet Maries. She recommends the stainless steel model and I just thought the large size would be good if I want to have two 10 oz cups in the morning. I don't know if a moka pot requires more coffee than a normal brewing method however.

Does anyone brew their morning pot with a moka brew? Is it really dense and concentrated, flavorful? I have a friend who swears by this method. I hear you can make coffe and espresso. Does this only mean that I can use espresso type beans as well? I am confused on this matter as if you can brew differently.

My current methods are manual drip (love this method with a fine grind and an extra scoop of grounds - very clean, yet strong)

Tirra French "Pull" system - all french presses are tricky in my opinion.....the grind/steep time must be dead on.

My new Moka pot.

Maybe a vacuum, krupps moka brew or Eva Solo.

Thanks for any comments.