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Mar 26, 2008
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I am new here and couldn''t find what I must be here: user''s advice on how to make the perfect cup of coffee. I was hoping people could post some links to places on the web that give good advice about making the perfect cup of coffee, brewed or pressed. I am also interested in what type of equipment people think make the best coffee, from the cheap to expensive.

I can start it off with a post on found on about 10 posts down entitled, Tips & Techniques: Krups Explains How To Brew The Perfect Cup of Coffee

John P

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Jan 5, 2007
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First would be don't use a Krups. :D

It depends on the methodology.

The first key factor is using fresh (less than 10 days past roast date) roasted, fresh ground coffee--using an adjustable burr grinder. The "whirlybird" contraptions are not grinders, do not grind coffee, and it is not possible to make good coffee using one.

The second key factor is using a quality coffee that's been roasted properly. Not burnt.

The third key factor is having the right coffee to water ratio, which is (roughly) 2 Tablespoon (slightly rounded) per 6 oz. of water.

For each methodology it's a combination of proper water temp... always about 196-200 F, grind, and steep time.

Research the methodology whether Melitta, Chemex, Press, Vac Pot, or standard drip. Be aware that there are only a couple of drip machines capable at brewing at the proper temperature. Technivorm is the most well known of the drip brewers, and probably the best of the lot.

Each methodology will have some very specific grind and steep time to properly extract the flavors. Read. Experiment. Enjoy.

Happy coffee-ing.