Member picture thread


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Mar 22, 2007
Seattle, WA
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Post up any pictures appropriate, let's see some faces behind the member names :)



and old one so i look really young

Hey Jim, I just pull from MySpace for personal pics, business pics could be pulled from your website.
Just copy and paste the URL from the photo properties into a post.
Ha! I was going to comment on the beard too!
I can't though because I'm known to sport one myself on occasion.

Come on people, let's see those coffee drinkin' mugs of yours!
I''m here !

What kind of board is this ? Is this where you talk about coffee ? I don''t know what to say about it ... other than I DON''T like it lol

I do LOVE Cappuciunos though !

Cool pics ! Now I finally get to see them ... Yay !

Are they recent ? ( well except for the ones that state they''re not )