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Sep 5, 2004
boone, nc
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i found an interesting mobile coffee rig by TOWABILITY in the UK and i was wondering if anyone knows of something similiar here in the USA. if so, can you direct me to a link or email address.

Mobile Coffee

Hey Baldguy,

I am also looking into this and have not found anything yet. It seems like a great idea as your overhead will be low. I have been contemplating buying an old ice cream truck and converting it.

I will let you know if I find any info on this.

Good Luck
Mobile Units

I believe that Burgess in Seattle does van retrofits and does quite a nice job. I might have a number for a custom fab guy that does double decker buses in Seattle as well and the English Taxi's for mall locations. Its been a few years but I have access to some of this information.


Actually, mobile conversions are really quite time and skill consuming, I've converted quite a few different units to the extreems. I suggest all of you do it at home guys to use cardboard cut to size to use to line and cut up your jigs or final pieces, it will help significantly. They can vary in complexity and work involved based upon how extensive of a build out you want to do, what equipment you need contained and how rounded of an area you are working with. I tend to think of these as home remodeling to the extreems, and when you are complete, you'll feel like you built a house, hehe.

Anyway, nice "plug" on burgess, still waiting for them to show me anything that is not overpriced, under developed and generally is not catered to benifet the quick buck.... wondering when they will merge with starbucks.....
mobile espresso truck

There is a company in camarillo california called Seattles First , and they make espresso trucks, which are pick up trucks that have been converted, and they are very nice. they run around 70k

I have a custom espresso van, built on a 2002 GMC full sized van, with virtually anything and everything you could build into it!

I have on board generator, inverter, fridge, grinders, portion blending system, hand sink, dish sink, etc etc.

I would guess that my rig cost about 60k to do, including the price of the new van. But these mobile units are great if done right.
I use mine only for special events, and they are great!! if you are interested in pics let me know

There are a bunch of mobile units out there. The Original Seattle Coffee Company, Trolley Car Coffee Co., Run Around Brew, Coffee Guy of Idaho are just a few.... The one of the few I listed is the one I see most of on the internet as the one truck that most people are actully using. That one is The Original Seattle Coffee Company. Here are just a few of the places to go to se the truck online by those who are using it. Sam's Mobile Espresso Bar ( The Curbside Cafe ( Now those two are of the older trucks that were made before the newest of the line came about... Now here is one of the newest trucks that The Original Seattle Coffee Company makes now. Cooks Mobile Coffee Co. has the newest truck design of them all. (

I sure hope I have been of some help to you in your quest for a mobile espresso truck.