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Jan 7, 2014
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Hi All!

I'm new here but LOVE all the content you all have contributed.

I used to manage a drive-thru espresso stand in Alaska in highschool and have been an avid coffee lover from way too young of an age. (I know this does not near qualify me to run a business which is why I am here!)

I recognized a problem when moving to a new town in Hawaii that there is only 1 location to get espresso from in this area and sometimes the wait can be up to 30 min! So, my husband and I are looking at starting up a drive-thru espresso stand in our area. We've scouted out locations and found a great one (still working on locking it down), almost finished with a business plan now, found a mobile stand that is turn-key and at a great price (shipping it from WA) but we need some help moving forward.

I would love to sell 100% Hawaiian coffee but have no idea where to even start. Do new owners typically buy beans from wholesalers online or from local roasters. What is the average price of a 5lb bag of good beans. I'm not sure how many bags we'd go through daily, how many we should purchase in our first purchase. I'm researching local roasters here in Hawaii but I'm slightly worried they will be pretty spendy. Can anyone give me some general advice on purchasing wholesale espresso everything.

Thanks all for your input!


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Aug 24, 2012
Lima, Peru
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hi SabbyLolo,
welcome to the coffeeforums!
that is quite a move from Alaska to Hawaii. if you want to sell 100% Hawaiin coffee, even if purchased in Hawaii, i would imagine it to be expensive, as everything in Hawaii is. it may be interesting to some folks to sell coffee from another region, as well as the local grown. if there is a local roaster, i would buy from them. you need to research the area. looking at you can get 5lb. bag of Hawaiin Kona blend for $42.55.
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