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Oct 14, 2006
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Does anyone have experience with mobile coffee drive-thrus? I'm looking into opening a mobile (trailer or truck type) drive-thru as opposed to a site-built non-mobile drive-thru due to city and county regulations but I have no experience with the trailer or truck type of setup.
Any information or thoughts would be appreciated!
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I have found that the mobile (like a taco truck set up) is typically not nearly as profitable as an actual drive-thru only building. It has to be drive-up as opposed to walk-up, have a drive up window on each side and be in the same place everyday for it to really catch on and be successful.
I have talked with a couple of people who run profitable mobile businesses, they usually park in the same spot on weekday mornings and then drive to events on the weekends, but these do not make nearly as much money as a small drive-thru building that is in a good location-
I hope this helps! I'm sure there are exceptions, this is just what I've heard from those I've talked to!