Mobile Espresso Business For Sale (Not a Franchise)


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Dec 26, 2013
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Compact, sleek and modern mobile espresso business for sale

Fine Grinds is a mobile coffee truck, with the capability of serving espresso based drinks, lattes, cappuccinos, smoothies and much more. Is easy to create a route and make big money in this business, as is also easy to mobilize the vehicle from place to place and get to sell 100 cups in just one morning of work, which would give you an average of $350 on profit.

We are looking for someone who wants to take the business and run with it. Currently, we have an established three day route in the Tampa area and participate in local community events, but unfortunetly due to our currently jobs we can not operate or dedicate enough time on the truck to get the maximum benefit that you can really get in this business.

The vehicle is a Ford Transit Connect, small enough to fit in any parking space and fuel efficient. Licensed by the FL department of Agriculture which requires high standards just like many other states.

This business gives you the liberty of creating your own schedule and offers a huge income potential.

Our top of the line super automatic Rancillio Egro One espresso machine (valued at over $15,000) allows for any type of challenge, including large events, as it can make 200+ cups an hour.

Beyond the mobile espresso van, you get our name, professional branding and website with order online capability if interested.

We will provide gourmet espresso beans (Induban Gourmet Coffee) to fulfill more than 500 cups. This starter coffee is enough for samples and to help establish your route in your desired area.

2010 Ford Transit Connect
Cummins Onan Generator with less than 4 months of use
Top of the line, Super Automatic Rancillio Egro one Espresso machine
Stainless steel work areas
3-sink compartment
Hand wash sink
Tank less water heater
Easy to fill clean water tank
Easy to dispose grey water tank
Multiple Storage compartments
Lighting throughout
Security cameras with DVR (perfect for monitoring employees)
Reverse back-up camera

Customized professional menu available if interested
Customized coffee sleeves available if interested

Asking Price: $43,000
Juan or Michelle


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Did you sell this? Please let me know.

Did you sell this mobile coffee truck?
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This is a very old thread from 2013. I have a feeling the truck is sold.
The last time he visited the Forum was in July of 2014.
You can always send him a private message through this Forum and see if he replies.

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