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Feb 20, 2012
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How would you like a FREE Moka Pot?

In exchange for a little buzz, we’re giving one lucky member of Coffee Forums the item of their choice from our shop. All we ask is that you try it out and give everyone an honest opinion about your new stovetop coffee maker.

We believe so strongly in our product line that we won’t even ask you to be nice – but we might stalk your PM box for awhile if you don’t say something.

Here are the rules for the giveaway –
  1. The Winner has to be an active member at Coffee Forums at the time we make this post to keep things fair. We don’t think it would be right to give a prize to someone who doesn’t participate in the discussions or just joined for the sake of a freebie. For the sake of this contest, we’ll define active as anyone who has a minimum of 5 good posts in the last month. Admins & Mods are invited to enter, too.
  2. You have to visit the Moka Pot site (click the link or go to Moka Pot | Buy Italian Espresso Makers Online), choose an item, and post here saying which item you’d like and why.
  3. By entering, you promise to post a review on Coffee Forums within two weeks of receiving your free item to let everyone know how you liked it. Although we really believe in the quality and performance of our items, we want the honest truth. Even a scorching review helps us improve.
  4. If you have any questions about the products or the rules, ask within this post so that everyone can see the answers.

We’ll leave this offer open for about two weeks before announcing a winner. Then, we’ll PM the lucky member to tell them how to claim their prize. This is absolutely free – we’ll even pay the shipping!

If you don’t win, stay tuned. We plan to make more offers like this in the future.

Good Luck!

Moka Pot

I have noticed the Moka Pot before but have not had an opportunity to try one. Since I cant brew just a single shot, I'd be interested in checking out the top moka pot large.
Top Moka Pot Large Double Shot Black.
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Having more than one method of brewing makes it possible to find the optimal method for a particular varietal.
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Hi CJevens,

That's a nice choice!

If you need even more, we also have three and six shot Moka Pots using the same design.

Did you see the double-shot gift sets that come with a matching set of cups & saucers?
Right now, this option only comes with the silver-toned boiler, but it's a great choice if you need any extra coffee cups.

And, you make a great point - it's always nice to have choices! Our entire team has been impressed with both the quality & the affordability of this brewing method in general and these Moka Pots specifically.

We're watching for more entries & we'll announce the winner in about two weeks.

Good Luck!
Hello Moka Pot,

For the past two days, I've attempted to explore your website, and I have spent a lot of time sitting in front of my screen waiting for the pages to load. Each time I click on something to look at it, the web page (top right) says Loading and I wait and wait for it. Last night I gave up, figuring I'd try again today. But today, it started happening again. Either you are having a huge number of visitors exploring your site and slowing it down, or something else is wrong. I haven't had a problem with other sites....just yours. I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same thing. If that's the case, it may take a while for you to gather enough responses for your Moka Pot giveaway.

~ Thanks for looking into it. I was able to see a little bit of the Moka-Pot website, and it looks like there are some very interesting items there. I'm looking forward to exploring again.

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Our tech team is still working on the response time for the site - but if anyone is interested, don't hesitate to enter the giveaway - there's still a little over a week left.

If you'd like to participate but can't get to the site, I can provide the information in a different format.

Here's an image of one of our most popular products - the Top Moka pot. It's available in a variety of sizes all the way up to a 6-shot model and comes in a variety of colors.
moka pot.JPG
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Clevans, we're a UK-based company, so I don't know - maybe someone else can help?

Off-topic: I've been to DC before. It's a lovely area.
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I am - the two-week mark is the beginning of next week, so I'll probably let it run until next Wednesday.

Feel free to enter!
Hello Moka-Pot

Oops...Too Late!

Last night, after exploring your website, I decided to place an order for a Top Moka Pot - Large Six Shot Silver.

I was tempted to try the double shot gift set, but I went with the more traditional Moka-Pot instead.

I'm guessing it will take a week or so for it to arrive.

If you'd like, I can still write a review on this forum after I give it a try.