Espresso Blending


Feb 17, 2015
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40% DP Brazil (mucho crema)
40% Washed Colombian (poquito crema)
20% Natural Ethiopian. (short-lived crema at best)

As far as cold brew, I also participate in Farmers Markets on weekends. Lots of people ask for cold brew so I provide it. I don't particularly care for it myself, but I'm not opposed to grabbing the extra $150 for the day.

My understanding is that roasted coffee contains over 1000 chemical compounds. Some taste great, some not. Roasting and brewing coffee is about enhancing the good and limiting the bad. Cold brewing achieves this very well since most of the bad is extracted at higher temperatures. At room temps we are mostly extracting caffeine and sugars. Add some sugar and milk and you have coffee ice cream. Lot's of people seem to like coffee ice cream.

Unfortunately, the low brew temp also leaves behind much of the interesting flavor nuances of specialty coffee. IMHO, it is a waste to use expensive African and Central American coffees for cold brew.

That brings up another point for another discussion. I take great care in roasting my coffee. But I'm finding that roasting and brewing coffee are completely intertwined. A particular roast might taste heavenly when brewed at 198* and not so much at 205, or visa versa. I'm leaning toward amending my labels to include optimum brewing temp for a particular coffee roasted at a particular profile.
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