Monthly Sales Flow


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Jul 22, 2006
North Carolina
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I have read through several blogs and posts that Fall and Winter are the two busy times, but I wanted to see if people could tell me how sales breakdown monthly. I'm not looking for numbers, those I have created for my business plan, but I am troubled on how it all breaksdown monthly. If I need to avg. Just to make math easy, if I need to make 1000 sales per month on average, what percent of said 1000 will I sell in Jan, Feb, Mar, etc.?

I have used retail experience to create the plan, Jan slow due to the holidays, Dec above avg due to the holidays, and summer as avg sales. But this is not necessarily true for coffee.

Any help is appreciated.



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It all depends on you and your location. If you are in an university town, then Summer will be deadly. Or if you are in a Cape Cod, then Summer will be jamming. Alternatively, we have a very popular iced coffee and iced tea menu, so while others in town are slow during Summer, we don't see any slowdown. Your prior retail experience should give you a good indication of your local spending habit.