More coffee = less comsumption?

Bill Laine

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Jan 5, 2008
New Orleans
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I have had my Silvia for a couple of months now. My drink of choice at the moment is an americano with 2/1 water/coffee ratio. I am getting consistently good cups of coffee. Better than anything I have ever had at home. Better than most coffee shops serve.

The funny thing is: I am less voracious in my consumption. Used to be, the first thing in the morning was to get the water boiling for the french press and not do anything else till the coffee was in the cup. Two full cups before work. Now, I don't mind waiting for the machine to heat up. I'm in no hurry. One of my half-cup americanos is fine. The coffee is the best ever, I savor every sip, I just don't guzzle like I used to.

I thought that once I had real good coffee that my consumption would go off the chart. I kind of like this mode, though. Has anyone else had this quality/consumption change in their habits?

New Orleans
I was never a big coffee drinker until I discovered "good" coffee last year & I only drink it because I like the taste. Previous to this discovery I just got up & went to work, no coffee, so I'd have to say I'm definitely drinking more now.

I also enjoy an Americano but my favorite is a straight shot. If I pull a really tasty shot I want another ASAP & the only thing that stops me from knocking them back all day is the caffeine. While I do enjoy sipping an Americano or shot I find I need to brew up some a good S/O coffee in the press or using a Finum filter at least once or twice a week. Variety is the spice of life & I like to try different brewing methods.

I will agree that an Americano made from an excellent double shot is one of the best cups of coffee I've ever tasted. Even my "unenlightened" coffee drinking friends will drink them with no cream or sugar added.
i have to say in my case its a bit of both.
there are days when i not having coffee until 8am (i start work at 7) doesnt bother me in the least...but then there are the darker days when one or two shots early in the morning just isnt enough.
i start snapping at people on my way to work just coz i didnt have time for another shot.
and dont get me wrong, i always have good coffee in the house, at the office and at the roastery...must be the weather affecting my coffee consumption :shock: :roll: :shock: :roll: :shock: :roll: