Mr Cofee FX25-1 problem


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Apr 23, 2005
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This is the newest Mr. Coffee I think. It's the one with the round clock with hands and the machine is taller than the older models.

Every time we brew coffee somehow ends up going directly to the warming plate. I'd like to think I am of average intelligence so I've ruled out the "too much cofee in the filter basket, the pot appears to be seated properly, I don't ever use the "pause & pour option" and there are no kids in this house to mess with it. It does it no matter who makes the coffee and no matter how many cups are made.

Any ideas? :?
I bought this machine a while ago and, although I didn't have the problem you are having, it made terrible coffee. I think something was wrong with the water heater as it never got the coffee hot enough. At best, the coffee came out "warm" which mae the coffee very bitter. Sometime, it was completely undrinkable. I finally made a switch to a Bodum vacuum brewer which I am very happy with.

Here is a link to some other people's opinions on your machine. It appears that it is not well rated at all. If it is within your return period, maybe you should consider doing so. Good luck!
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Thank you so much for the eopions site. I didn't know about it. In the meantime Mr.Coffee is sending me another filter basket at no charge, so I suspect they know they problem surprise most manufactureres these days.

H :)

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