Mr. Coffee is going to make Coffee


Mar 7, 2003
Coffee Shop
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To meet the consumers demand, being that so many people drink coffee the manufactuer of the popular home coffee making machine Mr. Coffee is going to make.... Coffee. I for one will try Mr. Coffee's Coffee just to see, one side of me wants to disregard the thought of drinking Mr. Coffee's Coffee and the other side of me wants to try it. If their blend is done right, if their beans are good then they as a leader in home coffee machines will be a success at their attempt to make the coffee also. Connect with the homeowners when they buy the machine, and make sure the coffee is on all the shelves as the Mr. Coffee makers are. Read over this and let me know what you think.


MR Coffee branded Coffee

:mrgreen: Having Mr. Coffee branded coffee would work well for them, for the hardcore coffee drinkers this may not be a solution they're looking for unless mr. coffee has a very true blend.

Good market for them to collect off of, but because I already have a machine I wont get cought up into their marketing for the mr. coffee branded beans and grinds.