My first roast


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Jun 16, 2006
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Hello all,

Using my recently obtained "Poppery" popcorn popper I have successfully completed my first attempt at roasting my own beans. This is also my first time using a popcorn popper for anything, so 2 firsts in one, not bad.

The coffee: Guatemala Antigua Peaberry "Especial"

(anybody know what a peabery is?)

The goal: Full City+ roast as seen in item 12 here -

The result: What I would call more of a Vienna - Light French roast similar to item 13 on the above link.

I went for the Full City because I figured that gave me more room to over roast the beans and still have something drinkable. Never having done this before I think I wasn't sure when the 2nd crack took place so I ended up letting the beans roast for an even 6 minutes rather than just past the 2nd crack. Next time I will know what to look for and should be able to get it closer.

All in all pretty successfully thus far. I haven't brewed the beans yet because I figure I should let them cool/air out some.

Does anyone have any recommendations as to how long to let them sit before brewing? Sweet Marias says they peak between 4 and 24 hours after roasting, but I don't really want to wait that long. They have been sitting about 20 mins now, so I think their time has come.

All I have is a drip coffee machine, so they may not be showcased at their best but it will do I am sure.


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Nov 8, 2004
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Keep roasting and keep it fun! Everyone has their own sweet spot for each bean. Yes, they all roast a little different. The peaberry is just the small unsplit bean (it kind of looks like a pea.) It is the smallest sized bean. You can brew it right away, but overnight resting would help. Just don't seal them up in an airtight container for long term storage yet. They will let gasses off for a few days.

Welcome to the home roasting world!