my new plan


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Mar 22, 2010
all procedures in writing
all shift duties and descriptions of duties in writing
list of side jobs, and shift duties, in writing

check off sheet for each shift.
notebook containing check off sheet, and hourly sales.
end of day, print hourly report showing sales.
if it was busy and some stuff didn't get done, ok. if they say it was busy and it wasn't and they got nothing done, write up.

the other day my husband was with visiting family. since our shop is in a tourist area, that is where they were. he walked in, no employees. he looked around for too long, then went outside and started looking. he found the two of them in one of their trucks. he told them who he was, how inappropriate they were. they hightailed it into the shop. when I called to ream them out, the barista was shaking in her shoes.
so everything expected is going to be in writing. if something like this happens again, I can pull out the rule that says "shop is never to be unattended" point out that employee left shop unattended, and fire her/him.

I've been remiss in training, depending on good work ethic and common sense. which isn't apparently that common. I'm feeling tough, and they sense it. more has gotten done the last couple of days than usual. but it is quite a job to put all this in writing!


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Aug 14, 2003
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You are a nicer person than me...I would have finished their shift for luck :wink: It just blows my mind that people do not use common sense..


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Mar 22, 2010
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I would have, but for two things. the last time I fired someone, She filed for unemployment, and I didn't want my rate to go up. I didn't have the proof in writing that she had been warned about being late. they said I needed to do evaluations, document the problem and have her sign the documentation, proving that she had been told what she had to do to keep her job. I had a year's worth of time cards, I pulled her's out to prove how many times she had been very late. but it was a big pain and I'd rather do it their way. this girl would file too.
second thing, quite frankly, I hate going through the hiring, training, break in period with new employees. If there is any hope of straightening them out, that is what I'd rather do.