My Review of Cafe Don Pablo Decaf Beans. These are all Swiss Water Decaf processed.


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Jan 25, 2014
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My Review of Cafe Don Pablo Decaf Beans. These are all Swiss Water Decaf processed.

These are the three that I tried. Search no more for decaf with taste!
  • Columbian medium-dark, (but also mark as light.) Which seems to indicate strength of coffee taste.
  • Columbian medium-dark roast.
  • subtle earth organic medium-dark.

All three are full flavor, and 100% Arabica, and Smooth!, and low acid. All are in the taste profile of what I think the average person thinks of when thinking about coffee taste. Too me amazingly smooth and low acid> I pulled espresso shots and tasted straight up. No bitter, no bite, smooth, no lingering skunky, bitter taste with all three.

If you are disappointed with decaf and bland flavor, well this is your lucky day.

#1 is the lightest flavor - maybe best for simple cup of coffee.

#2 Ratchets up the roasted flavor, maybe you might consider it tasting more robust, but similar to #1, good for a simple cup of coffee or a smoother latte. .
#3 is a different horse flavor wise, reminiscent of French Roast but not harsh - enough punch through, to come through milk of a latte. The scent and taste have a smokey component to me, which I mentioned reminded me of a light French Roast.
Between one of these I'm certain one will work for you as your go to decaf with flavor. All yummy.

#1 and #2 taste profile on bag says; slight caramelization, for a touch of roastiness.

#3 taste profile on bag says; full body with deep, rich chocolaty flavor and a clean finish. Smooth Milk Chocolate with notes of honey, caramel and cocoa.
All are marked as non-GMO

PS: These are for standard cup of Joe person, not looking for fruity, nutty, avocado, peach, scents, notes or back of the tongue stuff. Although they do mention some on bags, I would say that these are the best for that sort of thing of a cup of joe. These are for those desperate for decaf that have flavor, and here you have definite choice between three flavors to choose from.
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Decaf has come a LONG way... especially when fresh from a roaster. I just sold through a Costa Rican SWP decaf and if I didn't tell people they wouldn't know it was decaf. You will find most decafs lack acidity which is due to the decaffeination process.
Yes, acidity is one flavor profile within good coffee. But personal preference, as well as roast style, can also influence the perceived acidity. If you are stating that you can't get a decaf above an 82... try some newer processed decafs. I just cupped a significant amount of decaf Colombians and the best-tasting coffee had notes of stone fruit and cupped out at an 85.