Naturally decaffeinated low acid coffee

Kem Edwards

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Jan 13, 2005
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I had to give up my coffee because the acid was causing digestive problems and I wouldnt touch decaffeinated because of the taste. Now I am drinking an Indonesian coffee that is fabulous as well as has health benefits. Im buying wholesale three different types.


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Good thing I don't have your problem. Maybe you should give Rolaids a try. It would be sad not be able to enjoy a nice cup of Kenya AA. I don't know about you, but I just love those wine-liked acidic Kenya. Better yet, maybe you should switch to espresso, a well roasted espresso is low in acid and low in caffine, and the flavor is enough to make you cry.
If you were drinking some good quality Indonesian arabicas, you would find they are very mild- and besides...acidity in coffee has nothing to do with PH levels :grin: . BTW "Kem"...are you related to "Jeff Edwards"- listed as the marketer for the site you recommended??? And I must say Gano makes your fingers typed in the wrong address for your website :wink: