Need Advice and Help: Whole Latte Love/ Repair Problems


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Mar 27, 2015
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Greetings! I am an Arizona coffee lover and I joined to see I can get advice or help dealing with the coffee products retailer Whole Latte Love. I am so frustrated and angry I could break furniture. I bought a Pasquini Livietta that began leaking from the group head so I sent it back for warranty repair in January. They didn't have the gasket(s) in stock at first and I was told they were on backorder. They arrived and didn't fit. Others were obtained and didn't solve the problem. Twice when I've called I've been told that new gaskets had "just arrived today." Now, until they log in my order number and remember who I am they tell me, "It's on the technician's bench" (for three weeks now; too bad for the next poor sap in line for service). Last Thursday: "The tech has straightened out the problem with Pasquini and has ordered the right parts. They are being shipped from the west coast and will arrive at the end of next week." Maybe she meant the west coast of China. My attitude is that if you can't support your products you shouldn't sell them, and if you can't repair your warranted merchandise in a reasonable time (like two weeks) you should replace it. At the very least you should treat your customers with respect (without repeating obvious BS stock phrases) and follow through on your promises ("I'll find out and call you back in the morning"). Sorry to start with a rant. Any suggestions anyone??
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