Need advice on lease from LA County


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Jan 3, 2005
Los Angeles, CA.
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I found a great location for my drive-thru. All the reasearch I did I didn't think I would come across this situation.

The chunk of land I found happens to be owned by LA County. When I contacted them they were surprised they owned it. Anyway, they have asked me to write a proposal to them including how much land I want to use, how much I want to pay, and how long I want to be there. I am not sure what to say about how long I want to be there and how much to pay. Any advice?

Also, I was wondering if someone had a proposal letter they could let me use as a sample. Very curious what worked for some drive-thru owners as far as a proposal packet / letter.

Thanks in advance!

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some help

I am not as versed on drive throughs as some other posters but here is my two sense.

Costs: Since they didn't know they owned it, I think LA county would be pleased to generate some revenue from it. I woul go in low (since you are not using alot of land. Maybe starting rent at $500 and rising a small amount each year over the period of the lease.

Lease period: 10 year with a ten year option

This is just one idea, others may have other ideas.