Need Advice Please: Drive-thru Specialty Coffee Kiosk Questions


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Dec 9, 2015
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I'm working on a drive-thru specialty coffee kiosk dealie. You know, the little coffee boxes? Right.

I'm wondering: what percentage of sales is NOT espresso drinks? And are these mainly "2nd line receipt" sales? Put another way, if say 40% of sales is non-espresso items, is that because an espresso drinker ordered two things, or because someone came through just for a muffin? Or a frozen bev, I'll bet those sell as much as espresso some months where I live.

I'm trying to grasp the play between the number of cars I'll be getting (anywhere from 0.5 to around 2% of the passing traffic, right??) and the total sales. If 1.5% of passing cars swing through, I'm assuming them as buying a $3.50 espresso drink. But there will be additional sales to these customers occasionally, a muffin here a soda there. How do I estimate that fuzzy number??

Thanks for your help!
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Feb 28, 2008
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Boo...300+ readers but noone wants to help me out!!

I changed the title of your post. Maybe that will help get people's attention.

You asked a lot of questions in one post. Sometimes that turns people off - especially those of us who are very busy and only have a few minutes to visit the Forum during the day. Posting your questions separately may get a better response.