Need dual pot coffeemaker for office


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Apr 23, 2008
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A newbie to this forum. I''ve been tasked to look for a new drip coffeemaker for our small office. There are 4 coffee drinkers in our office consuming approx. 20 cups per day. We have a 12-cup pot so it''s about a pot and a half per day. Bugs me that \"cups\" refer to 5-6 oz. I think even the 14-cup Cuisinart will not do. No one wants to make a second pot so we need a dual pot coffeemaker.

The only features we need are automatic off, pause and pour, visible water level, and preferably front loading filter. We don''t want to have to hook up a water line (ie-Bunn). We just want to prep the filters and water and flip a switch on for the second pot when the first one is done.

I''ve done extensive reading of reviews and decided on not buying the Krups Dual Thermal Carafe Coffeemaker and the DeLonghi Dual Pot Coffeemaker.

Any suggestions? Thanks!