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Apr 10, 2014
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Take Away Coffee

A Polish bankrupt with a new business project.We need your support on our campaign on Indiegogo.Thats our last chance.

Take Away Coffee is a project of mini franchise coffee-houses chain, focused on take-away sales only.
Take Away Coffee is the smallest Polish coffee-house but it has the global ambitions. Our area has 6 square metres filled to the rim with passion, ambition and the will to conquer the world. Our project is intended to allow us to make the next step through raising necessary financial resources for, among others, marketing actions that would promote our franchise offer in Poland and around the world. We have the most innovative concept of a franchise coffee-house in Poland, but before we offered the possibility to lead a coffee-house under our brand, we had been working 1,5 years, 7 days a week for minimum 12 hour to learn about this business.

The main person involved in this project is Michał Heller who, at the age of 23, bankrupted because of the activities of the bank PKO BP, which had taken the provision (the amount of 3000$) for the granted loan, had signed the credit agreement with him and had not paid the assets on account of the granted loan. It led his company to the loss of financial liquidity and, consequently, to the bankruptcy. Because of that he wasn't able to carry out the project on which he received almost 492.000 PLN (164.000 $) as part of the measure 8.1 subsidized by the European Union. The result of this situation is that he has no possibility to obtain credit in Poland (even for a hair dryer) because he's financially unreliable and he is mentioned in all of the Polish bases of debtors. This unables the company to obtain financing through credit or venture capital fund.

You can find our campaign on Indiegogo

Please help us make our dream come true

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You could find us in Indiegogo , we try to expand our coffee business.
If you dont want to Support us , please share our campaign using indiegogo tools
Offcourse if you have any question , please feel to comment.
Support coffee lovers from other country :)
You can support us only 1 $ , it will be very helpfull for us

No Thankyou!

Why would anyone want to support this, especially when you say that the main person involved in this project is bankrupt, financially unreliable, and he is mentioned in all of the Polish bases of debtors?

I'm thinking this Coffee Forum isn't a good place for you be be asking for money.