Need help on POS Systems


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Feb 27, 2009
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hi guys, i am pretty new to this whole coffee buissness, but i have a delemma on my hands. i need to find the right point of sale system as well as software. i have worked in resturants a little bit and noticed that the squerrel systems is pretty decent but in a coffee shop it wouldnt be fast enough for us. coffeeshop manager wont release a little bit of what is offered. so i am smack dab in the middle looking for the right system if i could get somone who knows to help me know what system is fast and reliable it would be greatly appreciated.


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Mar 1, 2009
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I have a complete system with software that we don't use at the moment
software on it is Volante you can have a look at it they are in Toronto
google it to see
the system was used by a cafe\bistro and include many hardware
if interested let me know
[email protected]