Need help : problem with Spidem Trevi (Saeco Vienna)


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Feb 6, 2007

My coffee machine seems to have a problem with the pump or something...
For a few weeks, i progressively had to turn more the button which select the coffee quantity (little to large cup) to try to fill a same cup as before...
When you push the button, the cycle works normally excepted that when you hear the water pump working, at same time you don''t see so quickly coffee coming out from the machine to fill the cup and even sometimes pump works and almost nothing comes out from the coffee distributor. So to avoid to lose a coffee dose and have almost nothing to half cup (it depends), i quickly turn the button to big cup until the cup is filled enough then turn it back to the other side to stop the cycle.

What i''m worrying about is that the water not filled into the cup seems to go out from the machine from under the base (somewhere in the middle). So, the table is full of clear water and i have to dry it. Water is lost only during (or after) coffee making cycle, no other situation.

Notice that i recently decalcified the machine 2 times what seems to correct the problem but only for short time. And i always used only mineral water to make coffee...

The machine is 2 years old and it''s the first malfunction.

Can you please help and let me know what should be repaired/replaced (maybe some ring) ?



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Aug 15, 2005
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To tell you the truth I know nothing about autos or super-autos. I do highly recommend visiting They know alot about the type of machine you have and have alot of useful info available for all types of machines. You might even want to send them an e-mail and see if they can tell what to look for. Later!


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Feb 6, 2007
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Thank you for the link... I contacted them and Edward there already told me what should be the problem ---> boiler leaking.

Thanks a lot. :D

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