Need help starting a Coffee Shop in Guangzhou, China...


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Oct 12, 2005
Guangzhou, China
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Hi there, I'm new both in this industry and in this forum.

My name is Vanda, and I am planning to open up a Coffee Shop here in Guangzhou, China. This is my first business, and I have no experience what so every. The only reason why I wanted to open up is coz I love sitting in a Coffee Shop with the aroma of coffee around and also the environment.

I need help with starting it up though. I don't know what kind of equipment is needed to start it up. I roughly know what will be on my menu...
coffee - decaf, regular, espresso
hot & cold cholocate
any others like cakes and stuff like that I am planning to just purchase them from the nearby cake stores....the only thing that I will supply myself (in terms of food) are fruits.

I have read the threads in this forum, and everyone knows about coffee more than I I need help with the equipment. I need a list of the kind of equipment so that I can start my coffee shop (P.S. I am looking at getting pre-ground coffee, so I don't need a grinder....I think). I can try to locate a supplier locally.

If possible, I know that there are different types of coffee beans (pre-ground), can anyone advice me on what the differences are and what is your recommendation.

Thank you so much for your time and your advice.
Hello Vanda. Its great you are looking at opening your own place- although if the only reason you want to open is that you like the aroma of coffee, it might be wiser to buy a small grinder and espresso machine and run them at home! :grin:

If you are serious I would say that for a start you should try and hook up with a Chinese based cafe consultant. Starting a cafe with experience is risky and hard enough...with no experience you really need a guiding hand and some proffessional advice. This is essential for the basics of devloping a reaistic business plan, right through to design and equiptment selection. Really doing it yourself, or just getting advice from us (when we can not see the potential site, demographics etc) is going to cost you finacially.

For instance I would for a start say avoid pre-ground coffee. I know some of the Asian franchise systems work on a pre-ground (measured sachet) system. Having had the misfortune of trying some of the coffee from this method, I would say avoid it like the plaque. Better you invest in a decent grinder, source a decent roaster and then buy fresh whole bean. PM me if you like and I will send you my list of good quality Chinese roast companies.

Anyway- good luck- I am not trying to put you off, but do think about getting some help on the technical side before diving in


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Aug 21, 2005
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Alun has the right idea..stay away from pre-ground. You lose so much flavor/freshness. A grinder is an essential piece of equipment that is not difficult to use and fairly inexpensive.
Where in Guangzhou are you looking to open up? My fiance' is in Guangzhou as we speak!
If you ever want to talk shop, feel free to send me a message.

Good luck!