Need help with La Cimbali M29 Selectron


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Jun 7, 2006
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I have a La Cimbali M29 Selectron espresso machine and have begun to have a few problems with it.

I have contacted the only serviceman in my area that I know of but never get a return call. This, I believe, is due to me trying his espresso (he is also a supplier) and not using it for my business (because, frankly, it was awful).

The machine will no longer automatically fill the water reservoir and if I turn the machine off for an extended period (overnight) it will flood the counter with water.

My espresso has also began to taste scorched and shots come out in irratic ways. Sometimes they will fly out, sometimes they will only drip out.

As a small background I did not purchase this machine. I acquired this business from someone who had ran it for a year but no longer had time for it, it is really my first foray into business of this nature.

I have tried to find service information to do maintenance myself, or at least troubeshoot, but have not been able to!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Jun 18, 2006
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Regarding your M29 all the simptoms you have describe are indicating that the machine is full of scale and other dirts from the water.
The dosings are depents from the flowmeters each group have one and the dirt blocked the counter inside and the flowmeter is loosing counting.
Also the boiler is full of dirt that is why you have water smell.
Generally the machine need a complete disasemble, discaling and cleaning and asseble again.
And of course in order to avoid such problems againg you need a high purify filter like Everpure or Cuno or even beter a Reverse osmosis water filter.
Good Luck