Need Lease/spot in Seattle, WA area.


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Aug 4, 2006
Seattle, Wa
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With the little coffee experience I have, I purchased a coffee cart from a woman who claimed she was "too busy" to take care of the business and thus wanted to sell it. She had two of them and she sold me the last one.

her financials seemed true to her word and she sold me the business for 8200 including the cart, equipment, inventory and staff.

less than 3 weeks later and news from the Albertson's Director tells that the store will be closing permanetly in 30 days. The woman won't return my messages so seem she knew about it somehow and now i'm depressed.

I was so excited to have my own small business. This locaiton has had a coffee stand for over 10 years and I'm the 3rd owner. I purchased the business on a loan that I took out on my car and I used a Balance Transfer check from a credit card for a large portion of the loan.

Now i'm stuck paying almost 500 bucks a month on a business loan in a business that will be closed.

I'm consulting with Albertson's about moving the store but it seems like no one cares or is interested in it. The corporate lady i've been talking to gives me the impression of, 'shoo fly don't bother me.' The last time I talked to them she was quick to say, "we can't do drive thrus in the parking lot, sorry," when I then told her that I wasn't interested in that just yet and that I wanted a cart in or outside the store, "oh well i need to look into that." was her reply

I'm saddened and feel so stupid, even though I know the employees couldn't have warned me of this because they didn't know.

I've been talking to my brother about building a self containted drive-thru to place in front of a store/gas station/etc but i'm not sure how to go about it for the lease of a small spot. A guy from is a local location consultant who charges an unbelieveable 4-8k just to say,"here you go, no guarantees if you'll make money."

I'd be satisfied with another in/out store cart and i've been asking around at other retail locations and most seemed to be turned off and disinterested. "oh well I don't think we do that." "you might call them but i don't think so..." bla bla bla i'm scared and don't want to damage my credit or give up on my dream, but would like to know if any angels out there would reach out and help give me some direction or recommendations so I can continue on my coffee plans. any suggestions are greatly accepted. [email protected]


Nov 3, 2004
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This seems like a matter best suited for your attorney. The intentional ommission of material information in the sale of a business (such as an anchor store moving in 30 days) is fraud.

However, if the prior owner had not been notified that the grocery store would be closing, you are probably out of luck unless you negotiated some relevant representation and warranty by the former owner into your purchase agreement.

Either way, this situation seems very unfortunate and a hard learning experience. Be sure to write back and let us know how it turns out.

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Oct 19, 2003
Seattle,Washington USA
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Hey belcantoespresso:

Sorry to hear about your misfortunes. I find it hard to believe that the person you bought the business from had no idea that the store was closing within 30 days. I must ask you how did you come about this location in the first place? Also how long did you research this spot, and did you have a consultant and/or an attorney look over the paper work before you purchased? As C.M. says, this is better suited for an attorney to go after your money. Albertons and other supermarkets generally won't give long term leases, they usually offer month to month. If you notice, Starbucks has made a huge move in these stores, Safeway especially. Your chances of getting a drive thru on any of these lots are slim to none. I would caution you to qualify any consultants especially because you are very vulnerable at this time. And if you do locate a consultant look at the quality of some of their customers and their locations. Keep in mind that no one can guarantee your success. A lot of that will depend on you, as well as having a great location.

Feel free to pm me and let me know what part of Seattle you are located in... :)


Sep 29, 2005
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I'm another roaster who is sorry to hear about your situation.

May I suggest you begin to read the Wall Street Journal, everyday. You would have known that Albertsons was trying to sell its stores.

About 2 years ago Millstone pulled out of Albertsons. The manager in one of the Dallas stores asked me if I might be interested. I was lucky in that I knew some of the vendors, they all said "Don't do it". After all is said and done you'll only make 10% . Pay is 120-180 days out.

Thank goodness I wasn't setup yet.

Try to stay put. What Albertsons is doing is closing the store, then open again under another name. Here, they can cut employees/benefits, etc. Open under a different name, pay min. wage and be more competive with other stores in the area.

Don't call Idaho. You're wasting your time. Be friends with the local manager and district manager.

This way when the new store opens you have a positive relationship with management.

One of the many problems you will have is, when the new store opens, the customers are not going to be high paying, thus may not want coffee.

Something to think about.

Take Care,

Joe Frabosilio
Java Nights (Dallas/Fort Worth)