Need Some Advices for Espresso Machines


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Nov 26, 2005
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Hello all, i need some advices from all of you.
I'm gonna open a coffee bar in my town, but i haven't got a clue about how many machines i need ? so far, i only know i must need an espresso machine.
Another question is can anyone recommend any espresso machine which is good but has a medium price ?
Ok, thanks for all of your advices.
Try getting a hold of Alun_evans, just PM'em or go to his website I believe he should be your first source to try.


You need to look around for your local distributor. Most of the time they will be able to give advice on what other pieces of equipment that you will need. The other reason for a local distributor is repair. Nothing could be worse for you if you were to buy a machine with no one to maintain it. So look for a local roaster or equipment distributor.
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  • #3 the way, can you mention any experience you've had with any espresso machine (judged by quality and price) ?
So far my favorite brand is La Cimbali. One of the tasks that La Cimbali made a whole lot easier was installing Group O-rings. Remove 3 bolts, pull off the collar and remove the gasket by hand. Put on a new one reattach 3 bolts and you’re done. Takes about 5 minutes vs. up to 30 minutes trying to pick out a gasket that is harder then a rock!
Hello there,

The best machine that I can recommend to you is the GENSACO line of professional espresso machines.

You will find these machines at

They are the manafacturers and they sell DIRECT to the consumer. That's why you can save a bundle.
Hey CCafe, thanks for the plug! :grin: Its actually a really good sign to see some Indonesian interest in this forum. Specialty coffee interest- well retail coffee interest to be precise- is bubbling to a crescendo here. The next step is to actually work on educating cafe owners about why they should chose good, fresh local coffees over 6 month old imported espresso blends. That one, I am afraid, is still a bit of a slog.