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Feb 1, 2006
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:!: :) Firstly thanks for taking some time reading my post and offering this help. I was hoping that you could answer some questions as regards the technical aspect of the machine. Here they are;

With regards Automatic Machines
1-How is the waste coffee grounds taken out of the group head between each shot?
2How is the coffee grounds gotten from the grinder to the group head in the first place?
3-How far should/does the coffee travel once it hits the coffee grounds in the automatic machines?
4-How much space is needed for the drip tray, and underneath for drain off?
5-Can a commercial machine use a thermo-block instead of a boiler to heat the water?
-will this have an influence on the size or other areas of the machine if it is?
6-Is it possible to have the motor and the pump placed on the front side of the boiler (or is this already the case with automatic machines)?
7-Is there much areas going to waste in modern machines (space)?
8-Is there any pipe work that has to stay the same, i.e. the way it leaves the pump on modern machines is the only way? What I mean is if I were to place the boiler in an upright position in the machine can I change the way the pipes enter the machine, can I have them at the two ends, and have none on the sides.
9-How exactly is the group heads (not sure if this is what they are called in automatic machines) working on these machines, what way is it layed out?
10- In your opinion is there any point trying to change the internal components of a coffee machine, by redesigning it should I only concentrate on styling its, as in my opinion, the Italians have pretty much perfected inside?

Thanks for taking time to help me with this and any help is greatly appreciated.