Starbucks Barista (Saeco) Espresso Machine Rebuild Issue


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Mar 16, 2024
Loveland, Colorado
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Hello! I bought repair parts for my Starbucks Barista SIN006 machine including a heating element, pump, thermostats and gaskets replacement kit. Have machine assembled and working. It is useless though now because the brew head is higher up inside the group head now and the portafilter can no longer seal against the brew head. It just flops around in there and coffee and water just leak everywhere. New brew group gasket is in place. What have I done wrong?


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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Reads as if the new group gasket is thinner than the original. They do vary in thickness and you might need a thicker one to offset any long term parts wear, etc. Not familiar with that machine, but can you post a pic of the group area?


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Apr 12, 2024
Roxbury, CT
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Howdy- I rebuild these machines- and it sounds like a mistake was made in the reassembly process.
I'm guessing that you didn't attach the aluminum portafilter holder to the bolier prior to reassembling the machine. If you added it after the boliler was nestled into the machine- that would account for the extra distance you have between the boiler gasket and the aluminum shroud. the image shows what the install should look like.

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