need to relocate


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Mar 8, 2004
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I have a drive thru and need to relocate due to the following:

Landowner misled ( or dropped) us about his plans to develope the area...hasn't done anything other than sell the lot in front of us to a propane company that plans to begin construction soon of a 26,000 sq ft building, which will block traffic's view of my little stand 100%. The propane co. may very well take my water supply and I seriously doubt the landowner will put in a new meter just for me...he's known about this for weeks and still hasn't said a word to me.

We are not doing enough sales to survive here as is...barely getting by.

We had a lead on a good location but that fell through and are still looking. Here's how our town is as far as espresso m arket:

One owner has two locations and does great, even though he lets kids run the business without any training or guidence from the owner. Terrible coffee and even worse customer service. His 1st location is near a major shopping area, though hard to get in and out of due to traffic. There is a SBucks near with plans to build another with a drive thru. There is another drive thr about to open....which makes for 4 drive thrus in less than two blocks.

The 2nd location is in a neighboring town...main streets connect these two other coffee stands in that area. I think finding a location in that area would be a good idea-the coffee market is definately there, but not saturated.

I guess my question is this, how close to this should I attempt ( 2, 3 blocks or what)? If I were to get on the west side of him, I'd be in line for morning commuters and tourist traffic, but if I got on the east side I'd still get some of the above AND hospital traffic.

Just looking for another view