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Jul 26, 2007
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hi at all
i want to buy a new coffee machine and found the Krups PLA XN, the SAECO Talea Giro and Melitta Cafeo N 66.
i am not sure which i should buy.
which of these machines would you prefer??
greetings pewe


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Oct 18, 2006
Old England (UK)
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Well none of them really and especially not the Krups nespresso machine, if you buy one of those...I will cry with dispair.

Bean to cup = bad

If your determined to get one, then not much I can say to convince you otherwise, except that if you spend $300 or $3000, they all have one thing in common....they make a poor beverage.

If I have convinced you not to get a bean to cup, then

Espresso machine + Grinder = good

Minimum starter type machine = rancilio silvia and iberital MC2 or similar

Better setup for longer term = Macap MC4 or better (grinder + HX machine of some kind (expobar pulser or leva, Izzo Vivi, La Scala etc.. etc)

Good luck

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