New coffee shop in Palestine, West bank


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Dec 21, 2007
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Hello guys,

My name is Munir and I am from Palestine, West Bank.

I am currently in the process to open a coffee shop here in Ramallah. It is going to be small 4-5 tables, and will be in the middle of the downtown. We do not have any place that is specialized in coffee \"either hot or cold\" so I thought it is going to be a great idea.

I do have some experience but only with the coffee vending machines and that is all.

I would like to know if there is a way I would be able to learn how to make hot and iced coffee. What equipment I will need, products and manual of how to make tasty drinks.

My Email is [email protected]

Thank you all
For iced coffee, it's probably easiest to use a toddy system such as Filtron simply because you don't have to worry about different electrical system from country to country.

For hot coffee, if you want to offer brewed coffee like those of us in North America, you will need a brewer from companies such as Fetco ( You will also need an espresso machine. How you select your equipment is based on what are available in Palestine. Buy from a company that can provide you with after sales service. Make sure you have water filter and water softener system.
My suggestion is to get in touch with your local coffee vendor. Your costumers will appreciate and understand something that is local. Usually all the coffee companies provide you with coffee machines (espresso machine and brewing coffee machine). Buying new machines is very expensive if your are opening your first business. Used machines they don't have warranty and to fix them will be a fortune. Your local coffee company will assist you and in some cases will tech you some stuff about coffee for free.
Your coffee distributor wants you to have success so you'll buy his coffee.
Coffee machines requires a lot of care (more than a woman!).

Remember also that this kind of staff they don't usually require any contract. If they ask you to sign a contract with them, just look for someone else. There are plenty of vendors that won't ask you any obligation.

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