New Guy - Can I use a french press with espresso beans?


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Feb 16, 2009
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I have a decent espresso machine but am interested in getting a french press. I like the starbucks espresso and I get them to grind it. My question is, do I understand correctly that I can use the same beans in the french press but get it ground to a rougher grind? Then just follow the directions with the press and I should have the same result?

Thanks in advance for any help.
You won't get espresso if that is what your asking. It will be more like a French roast drip coffee. French presses make more of a flavorful coffee drink. The only true way to make espresso is with pressure let it be from a Moka pot all the way up to a Super Automatic. They all make espresso under pressure.
Espresso does not refer to the bean itself. Espresso is the coffee extracted when lots of pressure is added. Yes, you can use the same beans. Espresso will be a very fine grind while a french press is coarse enough that the grinds won't go through the filter.