New Moka problems


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Nov 11, 2015
After tough 5 years my non-brand cheap aluminium moka finally needed replacement so I bought a stainless Bialetti Musa. After cleaning and using it without coffee grinds to test it and remove anything left in there from production I eagerly made my first brew. Only I didn't. I made it exactly as I would with my old moka but the coffee would barely trickle out very slowly from the top. I tried it a few times adjusting the temperature but always the same result - an extremely slow trickle meaning the pot had to be left on the heat for longer resulting in a burnt taste. I thought maybe the grinds were packed in too tight (I don't tamp it though, just tap and level with a spoon). I've tried a few time at different temps and slightly underfilling with grinds to make sure they weren't too compacted but to no avail.
This morning while having the same problems I took it off the heat to have a closer look and seeing no blockage or anything else I put it back on and it brewed up at a good pace! Has anyone had symptoms like this before. My guess at the moment is an air-lock or some other temporary blockage and my lifting it up removed that blockage. Pure speculation but can't think of anything else. Any clues?


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Dec 13, 2006
Your symptom reminds me of what I've seen some old Nonna's do when the "caffe non va bene." They pick it up and hit it on the counter a couple times. Imagine using it like a hammer, once, twice, maybe three times. It's a rare problem and should not be considered normal.

Do you get a gurgling sound when it's finished? There hould be a definite change in the sound. Depends on the model, they all have a little different sound when finished (like the horn on every car, they're all different).

In Italy, nobody washes or cleans their mokapot. They say it's bad for the flavor. I think what they are referring to is the build up of oil residue. It does create a protection barrier between the fresh coffee and the bare metal. Bare metals can effect taste, especially on a brand new Mokapot. When you break in a new mokapot, the first brew is never for drinking. You might have to brew a few throw-aways first.

Same when baristas have finished cleaning a group or portafilter. After it's washed, rinsed and all clean... the first shot is trash.

good luck!

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