New, possible, questionable roaster


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Oct 24, 2005
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Hi. I received a stainless Stove-Top Popper from Back to Basics for Christmas. The intent was for it to be used as a coffee roaster. Why someone thought I needed a new roaster or roasting method is curious but a gift's a gift. I can take a hint. I've use it twice, a pound each time. My first bach was over roasted to my liking but since I'm half French anyway, I made the best of it. My second roast was just a few minutes ago. It was better but still done a little bit more than a full city roast, my preference. Any one of you guys or ladies have any experience, knowledge, hear-say, assumptions or any idea if I'm wasting my time or just have to get the hang of this thing. I've been roasting with hot air for over two years and the control and so far taste are superior. I used a pound because I was told that's the max loadable and the more the merrier. It supposidly roasts more evenly. It was an even roast but catching it at just that right moment to start the manual cooling is difficult. I've tried different temps but it doesn't seem to matter. I use a single portable burner to heat the unit and cool/blow off the chaff with compressed air. Your insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks --